A Terrible Football Show Schedule

Posted on May 5, 2022

Yo! So ATFS 29 is out & in this episode we once again hammer that we're done with the show for the most part until August.  Got a couple of episodes left to come out between now & then but that's it! For any new fans of ATFS, we want to explain why since its been a bit since we broke it down.

Here at SparkE3 we make sure to focus on taking breaks so we don't burn ourselves out to death.  So we plan breaks out throughout the year, 12-14 weeks off is the normal for the most part. Well w/ ATFS its a bit different than the other shows since our prime time range for content is August-April.  So we opted to burn all of our breaks during the summer time period since its dead for football (ain't no one give a damn about be USFL, now when XFL comes back we'll talk.)

So just wanting to keep YOU guys in the loop, here's our current game plan:

June ep 30: not dated, mid June probably

July ep 31: not dated, mid July probably

August Back to weekly… Big dates are 8/4: HOF Game & 8/27: College Football Kickoff 8/2-8/4 range: ep 32 8/9-8/11 range: ep 33 8/16-8/18 range: ep 34 & so on. Random breaks could happen of course, shit happens right?  No biggie!  But for the most part it should be weekly again come August.

Season 2 of ATFS is projected to end on ep 60 come 2/14/23-2/16/23 range.

And I keep saying range because if all goes well… This season could be LIVE every week also.  So get excited for that!

From all the boys to you, thank you so much for the support so far.  And thank you for listening to… A TERRIBLE FOOTBALL SHOW! Looking forward to the season!

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