Talkin Bout Movies & Stuff

August 2022 · 5 Videos

SparkE3's movie/tv podcast talking about both old and new movies and shows. Really whatever we're feeling! Have very low expectations for this show in terms of posting schedule. This is just a fun side project when we're able!

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7 months ago

Spider-Man No Way Home Review: Best MCU Movie Ever? | TBMS 5

8 months ago

Arcane had no business being THAT GOOD! | TBMS 4

9 months ago

Thoughts on NEW Spider-Man Trilogy News & Hawkeye ep 1-3 Review | TBMS 3

10 months ago

Halloween Kills Thoughts... Yikes or..? | TBMS 2

10 months ago

Venom: Let There Be Carnage Reaction | TBMS 1